One Year Anniversary

Y’all, where does time go?! This time last year, I was four days away from getting married to my best friend in the whole world, BFF’s for LIFE literally. So for our anniversary, I wanted to do something sweet for him besides the normal gifts that you do. I wanted to write him a letter because they are sweet and encouraging, so if you love sappiness, you are in the right place!

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Every day I look at you, and I’m amazed. I’m amazed at how God blessed me with such an amazing husband who takes care of me constantly, who provides for me, and who always makes me delicious cafe con leche. I’m so thankful that out of everyone, you chose me and you still choose me every day.

When I was younger, I pictured and imagine what my life would be like being married and whom I would be married too. When I was little girl, I imagined myself being married to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. In junior high and high school, I pictured Noah Callahan from The Notebook, but neither of those amount to you and who you are. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to fall head over heels for a dark and handsome Puerto Rican man who loves Jesus with his whole being.

I look back, and I remember people saying, “The first year is the hardest,” and I thought, “it doesn’t have to be.” I won’t choose to live in the mindset of “marriage is hard and that it takes a lot of work,” because I won’t choose to keep my mind wrapped around the negatives of marriage. It can be so easy to go into a marriage and believe the worst and have doubts and keep your mind wondering when the moment will come when it all hits the fan and falls apart, but I choose not to. Of course, there were times when I had to choose you; times where I reminded myself that I love you, not because I “feel” it, but because God brought us together. I made a personal choice, vowing to love and respect you always. I chose to love you even when it is hard to like you, which is not very often. One thing that I love the most about us, which might be a little weird, but I love arguing with you. We don’t have these crazy fights that you see in movies where things are being thrown and tears are being shed so much that they could make a small lake, but we do have our little tiffs here and there. Most of our arguments end up with me noticing the small smile you’re hiding behind your cute face, and then me just erupting with laughter from how dumb we, or mainly me, sound from the argument. I’m just gonna be vulnerable for a second, but I remember recently when we were unpacking and you were asking me to put down a rug that needed to be washed first. I just wanted you to see how cute it looked, but it brought us into an argument of you not wanting to put out the dirty rug and me saying, “It’s fine! It’s not even bad. Don’t worry about it!” (Heads up ladies and gents, I am more messy than Abdiel. So to me, the rug was fine, but he likes things clean and put away where they go. So yes, it was actually dirty and definitely needed to be washed, but I just did not give a rip). This erupted into an argument, resulting in me immediately shutting down and asking you to go do something else that didn’t involve me. So  you stormed out of the room, picked up random boxes and took them outside to throw away. I think this whole argument lasted maybe twenty minutes before you came back, placed your head on my shoulder, and we both burst into laughter because the argument was stupid and did not matter, but I love those moments with you. I love even when we argue and it lasts for ten seconds and then nothing else matters but the fact that we love each other. You know you have found the one whom your soul loves whenever you can barely make a legitimate argument and tears from laughter, not sadness, go down your face.

There are so many things that I love being able to do with you. We had a very eventful and busy year. We moved twice, one across the country and once across town. We’ve gone to concerts and experienced our first Airbnb together, which was a lot of fun. We have gone to L.A. so much that we have officially decided our, but mainly your, favorite place to eat in all of Los Angeles (aka the Grand Central Market downtown has a bomb street taco place, which we have no idea what it’s called, and Abdiel loves it). We took our first students on a missions trip and it was a success, this was one of my favorite things that we have done together. We also experienced being away from each other for almost two weeks, which was hard in itself because it was way too long! All these places and events we attended brought joy and excitement, but nothing beats being able to hang out at home, cooking dinner together, and cuddling on the couch watching some Netflix with Winston (our dog) hanging out beside us. I love these times where we can unwind and just enjoy time with each other because you’re my favorite person to do even the most simple and easy-going things with.

Our first year was fun and exciting and did have some hard times, but we went through it gracefully, literally by the grace of God. We went through many changes from ministry to us moving twenty hours away from our family and friends. However, I wouldn’t want to go through any of these things with anyone else. I will always choose to go through it all with you, forever. 

Our vows from a year ago, are still as strong as we are today. I still vow to love you every day. I still vow to continue to pursue you and to continue to respect you in every way possible. I vow to always cook you dinner (as best I can). I vow to always watch the dumb movies that make you laugh and cry at the same time because I love the look of laughter on your face. I vow to always make our home a safe place for you, where you can come in and relax. I vow to follow everywhere the Lord takes us and to always to show you love and acceptance. I vow to be the very best wife I can possibly be to you and to pray for you each and every day.

One year down, and forever to go. I hope we continue each year with just as much love, grace, forgiveness, and blessing from God as we did this year. I can’t wait to step into our second year of marriage with you.

I love you,


Flower Bouquet 2.png
Just some of my favorite photos from our wedding are here at the bottom. We had an amazing photographer, Teresa Lang who is located in Oklahoma City, OK. She was so great and made it very easy for me to be comfortable and myself. So here’s a little look at our day: 

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